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Oh Goodie...

I pick up my rental car today.

As my job requires a lot of driving the company has agreed that I can put down the cost of a car rental on my expenses claim form. Which is nice. So between 4-5pm today I will be picking up a nice shiny Mercedes A-Class from Tower Bridge (yes.. that bridge James Bond walks into) to drive home till saturday.

However it's a manual drive. This could be entertaining/frustrating.

Its not that I think I can't drive it, its just I know I haven't driven a manual gear car in well over a year, and now I have to drive one out of London during the start of rush hour. See why I'm a little nervous?

I would have prefered to get in as close as posible to 4pm, but that probably won't happen. You see I get to interview a few kids at my old junior school today - and the interviews start at 2pm. At best I'll have 45mins to make it into central london from the school... unlikely.

So today could be high on the stressometer.


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6th May, 2003 05:24 (UTC)
I send you oxygen to breathe in whenever the onset of stress greets you.

Good luck :)
6th May, 2003 14:39 (UTC)
haha.. yeah one of those little canisters that athletes use would be nice.

Aparently its quite nice.
6th May, 2003 08:08 (UTC)
yuck to stress.
but ROCK to the awesome rental car!! we always get like a ford taurus or some other crappy american made car. :-p
enjoy your little luxury car.
6th May, 2003 14:46 (UTC)
Its FAB! Plus they actaully had an automatic in.. so thats made my life less stressful.

Its a reeeeally roomy car for its size. I'll post more about it later I think... love it!
6th May, 2003 10:22 (UTC)
yes stress is a possibility but damn, you'll be driving a Mercedes.
6th May, 2003 14:48 (UTC)
the ickle one.. the A-Class.

But yeah *beams*

Its purdy..
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