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Ok.. firstly... a quick word about LOTR: The Two Towers - Like the book its not as good as the first, but with some very good moments. Of cource go to see it, and its worth it just for Gollum, who is probably the most subtly and sensitivly portrayed character in it.

There... got that over with.

Today was good, better than yesterday. Baring any accidents this could actually be a good week!

This morning I got a card from Brandismandywandypoo! Yay! Only a few ways that could have got my day off to a better start and most of them are imposible.. so yay!


The day at the Hermit was better than yesterday.. got lots done too! I know! How wierd is that?
But onto yesterday night....

It was the Jazz nights christmas gig, their last this year, so it was goign to be good. They were opening early and were even having lots of food downstairs.

I feel I should say a bit about the jazz club to explain why its so good.... here goes

The Jazz club is now called "Spike's Place" but used to be called "The Manhattan Club". It was re-named after the guy who used to run it died. Sue, his widow, continues to run the club. This guy was none other than Spike Robinson, one of the more famous Jazz musicians.

Anyhow.. sometimes wierd stuff happens at the hermit when we can't get things working, particularly on jazz nights, stuff falls over for no reason.. etc etc. Now Sue is convinced that its Spike being playful.. and who am I to argue?

Sue and Spike know everyone in the Jazz world, and the roster we get at the hermit club is quite simply... amazing. Seriously, if we has the quality of artists on a Friday that we do on a Tuesday we'd be booking bands like Machine Head, Staind, or sometimes.. Nickleback. The people Sue get amases me.

Moving on... famous people at the Hermit! Jamie Cullem was there as pianist and general useful vocalist. The fact that he wasn't there as the main act suprised me. This guy is great. He's my age, yet one of the best male jazz vocalists in the world today. I got him to sign a CD for me.. he's such a nice guy too, we were talking for a while while he took a break. Such a passion for the music.

If you don't know of him then you don't know Jazz, and you all should check him out.

The others were Derek Nash (great), and the Ray Gillato Trio (also great). Derek is a very funnny man.

So yeah... afterwards I ate some of the food that was still there, then headed on home. Where I charged my camera back up and took these pics...

Me, after the club... which lead too...

This b&w version which I quite like

This one was an accident, but I liked it so much I kept it

The last photo ended up becoming a new icon.. I have ooodles of icons now.. I wonder when they stop.

For all of you that gave me your addy's... the cards are going out tomorrow. Yes its a bit last minute I know, but should be ok. We'll see. Prezzies are going out too.


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18th Dec, 2002 20:40 (UTC)
*huge snuggles* I love those pictures!! And I'm very glad you got my card finally. :-) Mail to England does take a while.

I'm glad things are going so well with you. Keep smiling, my dear. You are so great.
18th Dec, 2002 20:48 (UTC)
*cuudles* your msg in it was sooo sweet and cute!

You'll get a prezzie soon hopefully.. and a card seperatley.

Enjoy :D
18th Dec, 2002 21:05 (UTC)
Yay! Pictures are wonderful dear, but then I just told you I loved them.

I am glad you had a good couple of nights at work.

I've been missing you.
19th Dec, 2002 07:29 (UTC)
been missing you too hon.

19th Dec, 2002 01:21 (UTC)
I always enjoy the pics you post..Thanx oodles for sharing them! Oh, and btw..Love the tie!! You Look Mahhhhvelous!
19th Dec, 2002 07:31 (UTC)
Re: Oooo!
Thank you! I do like that tie.. works well with the black shirt too.

Witht hat many h's in that.. I must look good. :D
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