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The Unsolved Mystery Of Rob's Kite.

It's always nice when someone you've not seen in a few months says..

"Hey you've lost wieght.. looking good!"

Its even nicer when they are female and reasonably attractive. So it is for this reason that I was rather perky and happy at work today.

Then I got to talk to the beautiful shineyquarter and later on.. the fragile and tender kaleidoscopes. Both are always good at making me want to hug them both until the end of time.

Talking to Ms Quarter atm and she's stuck at work bless her. Poor lass.

Anyhow.. at work today I was helping Rob (helper and actor) look for some sheets for a prop bed in the storage sheds. He found his kite (one of those 8 foot jobbies). Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but there's a complication.

Rob lost this kite ages ago over 25 miles away. Or it was stolen... there are two posibles. His wife claims she put it back with the car, he didn't see her and thinks she forgot.

Either way what is it doing in a shed where he works?

Suggestions please...


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24th Oct, 2002 15:18 (UTC)
No one should feel very sorry for me. Even if I am at work. I get to talk to you.

I am all for an eternal hug with you and Brandi.

I have no clue as to how the kite ended up there... unless.... the kite was caught by a very stiff wind and blown into the sea. It washed up on a beach were a little girl found it and took it home. One day her mean older brother stole it from her and sold it for money for gambling. Someone from your work picked the kite up for cheap at a little corner store and brought it to store in the shed, then forgot about it.
24th Oct, 2002 15:56 (UTC)
See now that theory is pretty close to my own....
24th Oct, 2002 17:17 (UTC)
Okay so you have to tell me your theory then.
24th Oct, 2002 17:36 (UTC)
similar.. except no beach.. just getting stolen and sold etc...
24th Oct, 2002 18:02 (UTC)
*snuggle* Thanks, Greg. *tear* Thank you sooo much. You've helped immensly!

24th Oct, 2002 18:21 (UTC)
awwww *holds*
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