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hmmm.. interesting..

Thanks to everyone who's replied to the survey.. those of you that haven't.. DO SO NOW! ;)

The radio thang went very well... I know at least shineyquarter was listening (bless her cottons..)..

*Station manager walks into office*

right.. um.. wow. I should be doing a regular one hour show soon! wheee!

"Live from the Hermit"

Basically a show that showcases new bands, band demos, cool stuff basically. It'll start out being internet only (as they go off FM at the end of the month) but when they come back, as they always do, I could be on the air! cooooool! :D


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22nd Oct, 2002 14:07 (UTC)
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

That is so freaking cool!

*dances around*

22nd Oct, 2002 14:11 (UTC)
*dances with you*

isn't it?

I've always wanted to do radio stuff to!
22nd Oct, 2002 14:16 (UTC)
Hopefully it will be on at a time I could listen to it, because you know I would listen faithfully. :)

Congrats my boy!
22nd Oct, 2002 14:28 (UTC)
thank ye :)

Well the target audience would prolyl listen in the eve.. so hmmm afternoon your time.

It would be pre-recorded mostly (some live, but most often prolly would be recorded before) so that will be a little odd :D
22nd Oct, 2002 14:41 (UTC)
Well yay!

I can get my fix of your lovely voice.

Hahaha... if it is prerecorded you could hear yourself.
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