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I'd like to introduce you all to my new friend. He's a full size, huge, woolen....


This fabulous simian is bloody huge! As you can see.. even thought my monitor isn't that big.. he dwarfs my speakers and desk.
The non-brits amongst you may wonder why he's so good (unless you have already fallen for his charm and good looks). Monkey was to the ITV Digital TV service adverts here what Flat Eric was to Levi's.

You decide!

Monkey is of cource a lot cooler... and now with my camera he will become Monkey on Tour. Yes folks you will see monkey where I may roam.

I'm sure you all look forward to it.


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(Deleted comment)
9th Sep, 2002 07:18 (UTC)
hehe.. yeah my one can have an open mouth.. but I closed it.

He's called monkey as that's what he's called in the advert. Al and Monkey are the two characters.. one played by comedian Jonny Vegas, the otehr played by MONKEY! ;) (made by Jim Henson's place would you believe) the paw in mouth thing.. its posible its this. I've seen a very cool monkey photo with his paw in his mouth.

Search the net for Al and Monkey or ITV Digital Monkey and see if it is the same one.
(Deleted comment)
10th Sep, 2002 08:18 (UTC)
he's that yellow guy in the pic :)

basically was in a series of very popular adverts for Levi Jeans.
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