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Drama Lovey? me? never....

well it nice to be in demand, so I've been ordered to get another photo of me online...

Pretentious Tart

There you go, hope it brings you pleasure.

I also turned this into a new icon, the first icon I've actually used photoshop on other than to colour correct. Its got a bit of a film poster feel to it...

I also tidied up and added the border thang to the other icons. no real difference though, but now you know.


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22nd Aug, 2002 18:27 (UTC)
That picture rocks!!!!!!!! *clicks the "save in memories" button*

*drool* Can I keep you?? I want to take you home with me!
22nd Aug, 2002 18:44 (UTC)
well if you want to spend the air fare.. feel free. I'm all for it ;)
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