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dullness... but positive still...

I keep getting complained at.

My family think I'm lazy... now not that I'm saying that I'm the most motivated of persons all the time, when I don't want to deal with something I tend to ignore it. Not the best solution, but hey.. what to do?

Anyhow.. back on subject. My familiy are wrong. They think I'm lazy because I get up at midday. Now I'd agree with them if I'd been going ot bed at 11pm but I don't. I got to bad usually around 4am at the earliest. Thats a maximum of 8 hours sleep. Often I'm online till late and I've been web designing or writing VN fiction or somthing liek that. After I sign off I'll be reading for an hour.

Does this make me lazy? Currently I'm looking for a job, at first it was a proper computing job, then just a full time one.. now its anything with money. :/

I have got a job.. a post as Events Manager at a local club. However I found out today that it'll not be starting until the begining of september. Thanks for telling me oh uncontactable superiors. *sigh*

So I've been out looking for tempory jobs, and guess what? my area SUCKS... nothing. Not even a decent crap data entry job. Every thing is either "New Deal only" or 6 months experience needed.. FOR DATA ENTRY?!!. I phoned up one of these ppl and asked if being a computer (PC) user for over 12 years and freelance web developer counted as experience.. yes it does. I was glad. Then I am told that it also makes me too overqualified...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry..

In other news: I tidied today. I wrestled with the incredible Hoover-Of-Doom and finally managed to sort my sodding room out. Yay me.


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25th Jul, 2002 06:31 (UTC)
I don't think your lazy... I mean, you don't go to bed until 4:30am, sometimes 5, so if you get the "recommended" eight hours sleep, that means you're not getting up until 1pm. I don't think you're lazy. *hugs* And what I think matters above all else. So there. ;-)

I know it's hard to, but don't listen to them... They're just trying to bring you down. As long as you're attempting to find a job, you're fine. Now I would think you were lazy if you were sitting on your rear for the last 8 months and sleeping for 16 hours a day.

That's my $0.02. ;-)
25th Jul, 2002 12:08 (UTC)
I usually aways get up at around 12.. sometime later if I sleep through my alartm, but not much later.

And that's whenever I've gone to bed.. be it 4 or 6am.. so yeah.. not lazy sleep wise.

I do need to kick my arse into gear about getting even a crap job tho. Time to shelve that pride thing..
25th Jul, 2002 12:09 (UTC)

Come work for me. :-) I'm hiring.
25th Jul, 2002 12:28 (UTC)
sounds fine to me! :D

what job? I'm adaptable!
25th Jul, 2002 12:32 (UTC)
I'm currently accepting applications for someone to come laugh with me a lot and be a wonderful friend. Someone who will like me for me and promise to be just as insane as I am. ;-)

I'm half kidding but I wish I wasn't. I could use someone like that. The pay isn't great but the benefits are out of this world (You get to be around me!)

25th Jul, 2002 12:41 (UTC)
rewarding and satifying I'm sure.

Ahh but I'm serveral thousand miles away... think I could commute?
25th Jul, 2002 12:50 (UTC)
As long as there is e-mail and chat programs, I think it will work. ;-)

By the way... I was going to e-mail you this... but I'll save myself a couple clicks and just type it here. ;-)

I've been looking at your website for a bit... I like your rants! We have some major agreements on all those issues. I especially like your "Love and Hate" rant. You can really write well. Your words just flow so well.

Anyways... I like them a lot. Keep 'em comin!
25th Jul, 2002 13:38 (UTC)
thanks agian.. I wrote a rant a while back in here.. in fact I rant very now and then in here..

bt I need to update my site a bit anyhow. .so I'll work on another one I think...

check out vala-nex.co.uk and see if you like the fiction I've written in there the first story doesnt end for some reason... (grr it DID, but I seem to have lost the original)
but Fall From Grace is fine, and there are some other Eve based ones that I've done...
25th Jul, 2002 13:42 (UTC)
Wow, I'll definitely do that. You're such an incredibly interesting person. I'm so glad I met you. *smiles*
25th Jul, 2002 14:25 (UTC)
aww thanks *hugs*

You're a really good boost for my ego, you know that? :D

and THIS is a little short that is set after Fall From Grace.

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