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I am Jacks's Gut Knotting Terror....

Yes, this is my car.

Yes, I just got in.


Excuse me while I go puke in a corner. Thanks.


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3rd Nov, 2003 16:33 (UTC)
what happened?
3rd Nov, 2003 16:37 (UTC)
I got broadsided by another car while pulling out into the road.

Who's fault? I say he was going far to fast.. but who knows how it will turn out.

fuck fuck fuck....
3rd Nov, 2003 16:38 (UTC)
dude that totally sucks! I'm sorry that had to happen:( Hope it works out for ya.
3rd Nov, 2003 16:55 (UTC)
thanks hon, so do i..

I'll post a full account later.. I'm to distracted now to try.
3rd Nov, 2003 16:39 (UTC)
That REALLY sucks.

As cliched as it sounds, though, the important thing is that you're okay. You are, right?
3rd Nov, 2003 16:41 (UTC)
bruised, sore, and pretty terrified of what happens next...

but basically.. yeah I guess.
3rd Nov, 2003 16:39 (UTC)
Awww Greg it will be ok *hugs*
3rd Nov, 2003 16:42 (UTC)
Just remember:

You > car
You != car

...are you okay? ;_; I hope it all works out.
3rd Nov, 2003 16:45 (UTC)
sore and bruised, and I'm prolly going to feel worse in the morning, but overall yeah I'm ok physically.

I am in a state of mortified, gut knotting, terror about what happens next tho... so ok overall? eh..
3rd Nov, 2003 18:43 (UTC)
oh my GOD... i'm so glad you're okay. after seeing those pictures i thought maybe you were updating from a laptop in the hospital or something.
someone up there likes you...
and someone down here likes you too.

4th Nov, 2003 05:21 (UTC)
awww thanks hon.. I need those right now, I really do.

I'm still bloody shaky.
3rd Nov, 2003 19:07 (UTC)
We've chatted on MSN about this but I just thought - thank fuck you didn't have a passenger!
4th Nov, 2003 03:16 (UTC)
Yes.. they would indeed have no legs.

Seriously.. no legs from the knees down. That would be IF they survived the impact.
4th Nov, 2003 06:09 (UTC)
Yeah, I forgot you weren't American for a moment and was amazed you were so uninjured.
4th Nov, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
yeah.. would have been VERY bad the other side.

Oh and btw.. your Lola icons rock... *aighs* ahhh lola.
4th Nov, 2003 07:37 (UTC)
Oh, awesome. I was trying to decide what icon to use to post to you when you don't know me . . . I was considering Lola but figured you probably wouldn't know her. I suppose the movie is better known over there.

This icon was scanned, by me, off the back cover of the movie. There's a similar picture floating around but I like this one a lot more.
4th Nov, 2003 11:35 (UTC)
Well she's not hugley well known, but I guess I'm the type of movie geek/general geek that would know her.

I WANT my hair that colour too... need it.. neeeeeed
3rd Nov, 2003 19:29 (UTC)
Sweetie, that is dreadful. Look to your bruces and sore parts and try and relax and think calm positive thoughts for the next 24 hours. Try and shut everything else out, it can wait until tomorrow or even the next day.

*hugs you gingerly*
4th Nov, 2003 05:23 (UTC)
thanks, yeah.. I have a day off tomorrow anyhow, and am going to see The Matrix: Revolutions in the eve.. so I need that.

Work was cancelled today.. no way in hell I can get there, or more importantly - get back.

I think i shall use that time to work on my novel...
4th Nov, 2003 01:20 (UTC)
i am so so sorry Greggster!
4th Nov, 2003 05:25 (UTC)
Thanks Linda *hugs* you're going through a lot now too.. shame we don't live near each other, I'd suggest a good old comfort night in.

Good food, good drink, good movies... needed.
4th Nov, 2003 12:46 (UTC)
oh definitely!
4th Nov, 2003 14:09 (UTC)
maybe at new year... if I can still afford it after all this.
5th Nov, 2003 01:32 (UTC)
just say fuck the car and take the bus/train or something, at least for a couple of months.
i haven't had a car in 2 and a half years!!!

saves up a lot of money ;o)
5th Nov, 2003 07:55 (UTC)
yes well.. that would work if I could find a job which I could get to like that. As it is my current job isn't one :(

I CAN take the train to it, bit its hella expensive :/
4th Nov, 2003 02:04 (UTC)
I am Jack's promise of entertainment if you come into my domain for nye
Time will resolve the logistics of this - you're ok and that's what matters. If you wanna talk about anything, poke me on msn. Who knows - a good conversation on, say, the definition of Artificial Intelligence, the relative stupidity of waging a land war in Asia or the merits of Wellies could be just what the doctor ordered...

*afterthought* ...ooor... the merits of an Artificial Intelligence waging a land war in Asia with and without Wellies...did I write that out loud? ...
4th Nov, 2003 02:23 (UTC)
Sweet Chaos, Gregg! I'm happy you're okay, if somewhat bruised & battered *hugs galore*
4th Nov, 2003 05:24 (UTC)
chaos indeed...

yeah I'll be ok, I guess. Worst damn timing too...
(Deleted comment)
4th Nov, 2003 11:30 (UTC)
roughly my reaction that.. yeah.
4th Nov, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
I dropped by after your post in get fuzzy. I'm so glad you're ok! Take good care of yourself and get a little pampering as well.
4th Nov, 2003 11:31 (UTC)
hey there! thanks.

Yeah.. I post an icon an a throwaway comment in get_fuzzy.. and who knew? :)

Thanks for stopping by.
4th Nov, 2003 07:57 (UTC)
i came from <lj comm="get_fuzzy">
omg.. I don't know you but am very glad you are alright.. It is VERY FORTUNATE that you got hit on the passenger side (w/no one sitting there as well). I hope you recover quickly and stay safe! Treat yourself to something.. a movie night or a good book you want to read or haven't read in a while.. that should help keep you distracted for a little while... have some friends over to keep you company and just make sure that you tell them certain topics are off limits.. like you know.. things that deal with cars.

best wishes..
4th Nov, 2003 08:40 (UTC)
fucky fuck!
It took me a minute to realize that your driver's seat is on the other side... but still. Bloody fucking Christ!

Good luck. Take the bastard for everything he's got. If you win, you can move to Iceland as a reward.
4th Nov, 2003 11:36 (UTC)
Re: fucky fuck!
heh.. yes well.. depends on who's fault it comes down to... eh.

4th Nov, 2003 09:35 (UTC)
that sucks sooo bad.
sorry to see that
4th Nov, 2003 18:40 (UTC)
oh my god!!!
that looks pretty sick.
hope you're ok.

it took me awhile to realize why this picture looked funny.
the steering wheel is on the right side..weird.
5th Nov, 2003 01:16 (UTC)
Re: oh my god!!!
yeah... thats how they have them here.

I'm ok I guess... still a bit shaken, still pretty down.
(Deleted comment)
28th Oct, 2004 11:16 (UTC)
aww hon *hugs* this was last year! I linked it in my new post because it was the cause of my back issues.

(Deleted comment)
28th Oct, 2004 23:40 (UTC)
Re: D'oh.
wow.. owch :/

No need to feel foolish! The dates aren't obvious, and you weren't reading my journal a year ago, so you wouldn't have see the original post.
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